Legion Pulp: A Bit of Red Ribbon

This novelette is from the 15 June 1931 issue of Adventure.  J. D. Newsom is the author and he again presents a fish-out-of-water story. …an outsider who finds himself in the Foreign Legion and must cope with his unfortunate situation.  This usually means his immediate goal is to get out of the Legion and somehow return to his previous position in life.  However, in many cases the Legion becomes something bigger in their lives and their initial hatred of their new home gives way to camaraderie, esprit de’corps, and sense of solemn duty.

In this case it is Mr. John Forbes-Smith who is somewhat shanghaied off the streets of Paris into the Foreign Legion in a case of misbegotten identity.  The first several pages are very well done and somewhat foreshadows what will happen to the out of shape, sickly, browbeaten and subjugated, sad sack of a protagonist.  I thought I saw where this story was going but the author added a twist and sent “Legionnaire J. Smith” into the fray where, in a suicidal act of bravery he earns the red ribbon of the Legion of Honor and more importantly gains an amazing amount of self confidence.

Thanks to the original scanner -“sas”.

A Bit of Red Ribbon 

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