Some Robert Service

Here a couple of more poems of the Foreign Legion written by Robert Service.  I found the first two in the archived issues of the Canadian publication – MacLean’s Magazine and thought they needed posting since they are illustrated two-page spreads.  Kelly of the Legion was posted on this blog previously.  I liked The Man from Athabasca and can readily imagine the almost painful longing for the northern woods a Canadian volunteer might have after several months in the bloody trenches of France.   The Blood-Red Fourragere graphic below is one I improvised on and appeared in Service’s Ballads of a Bohemian published in 1921.

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4 Responses to Some Robert Service

  1. Shawn says:

    Thank you for those wonderful Robert Service poems. He is one of my favorite poets. Most people know ‘The Cremation of Sam Magee’ or The Shooting of Dan McGrew’, but he penned many a wonderful poem. I have his complete collections in my library.


  2. eugene olivier says:

    By far Service is my favorite poet. I also have his complete works. Thanks, Jack. it served as a reminder to re-read those wonderful poems that I so enjoy over and over again. The two that Shawn mentioned are only the tip of the iceberg. What about THE MAN FROM ELDORADO, ATHABASKA DICK, BARBWIRE BILL, JEAN DESPREZ, BALLAD OF SOULFUL SAM, MADAME LA MARWUISE,…..I could go on forever. .


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