Legion Pulp: The Legion Settles a Claim

Here is a pulp story that came from Blue Book Magazine from May 1933.  The author is unknown to me and does not have many stories in the pulps with his byline.  It could be a house pen-name and I could not find any information on him.  What makes his Foreign Legion story different is that it is set in northern French Indochina along the Chinese border.  The bad guys is a Chinese warlord whose thugs make the mistake of invaliding one of the five English speaking legionnaires who then carry out their plot to reconcile their “claim” with the warlord.  This ignites a great cross-border battle between the Chinese and the French and their local Tirailleurs Annamites.  This has plenty of action with a large dose of pulpy story telling (i.e. maybe not too realistic).  (Thanks to “sas” for the original scan)

The Legion Settles a Claim

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