Strelets French Foreign Legion & Rif Figures

Exciting news (at least for me).  There appears to be four new sets of Foreign Legion themed 1:72 scale plastic miniatures coming out in the near future.  These are from the Russian company Strelets.  For now these sets are in production status and not available but hopefully might appear in hobby stores by early next year.

Foot Rif Rebels (Set 185): This product will provide a great number of combatants to face off against the Foreign Legion.  The figures represent the Rif rebels from northern Morocco that fought so savagely against the Spanish and then the French in the 1920’s.  The Rif were very much a rebel force without much continuity in their uniforms so I have no problem with the figures depicted below.  They did have a mix of older and modern rifles and their headgear was mostly absent or made of simple cloth.  Many of the men kept their heads shaven and they were well supplied with captured ammunition and this set’s figures show plenty of slung bandoleers and other captured web gear.  I would have liked to see more figures wearing the traditional hooded woolen djellaba.  Definitely going to purchase a couple of these and experiment with putting together a large force by combining some of the figures from the already released Strelets Arab Uprising sets (Set 172, Set M127, and Set 115.  You might also use these figures as Druze rebels for the Syrian uprising which occurred in the 1920’s as well.

French Foreign Legion Early XX Century (Set 186): This is the first time I’ve seen Foreign Legion figures in this scale that have been issued the colonial helmet (though it does appear in some Red Box Boxer Rebellion figures for the French Marines and Infantry).  This set’s masters look very detailed and will be fun to paint.  These legionnaires will be appropriate for fighting the Rif, the Druze in Syria or against any generic foe besieging their forts or ambushing them in the Sahara.  My only nit-pics are that these poor guys are fighting wearing their large backpack which is a bit unrealistic.  Also I’m not that keen on the fact they are all wearing the greatcoat which was most often not the case when they had perfectly decent tropical uniforms during that conflict (see picture below).  Perhaps this set can be supplemented with another with legionnaires in their tropical uniforms (I can dream can’t I?).

French Foreign Legion WWII (Set 187):  Getting away from the Rif War, Strelets also has this set of Free French legionnaires fighting in North Africa (Bir Hakeim).  This is a very good set with much detail and accuracy.  Most of the figures wear their kepi but two have the tropical helmet.  None have the British helmets or French Adrian helmets which were seen occasionally. Also a good touch was the long scarf that was common to the Legion in the desert.  If the sizes match, some of the heads from this set could be used on British 8th Army figures from ESCI/Italeri or even the old Airfix figures to create new poses. 

French Foreign Legion on the March (Set 192): This is the latest announced set that features eight marching and six mounted legionnaires.  Not sure if the mounted figures are riding mules or horses but either would be fine.  I suppose the Legion cavalry units would have had the smaller Berthier carbines but these appear to be adequate. 

I’m really getting to like Strelets products.  They have an amazing variety of figures from so many different eras (which increases each month).  Some of their older figures appear to me a bit bulky but the latest ones are really good.  I bought the Arab Revolt figures and am pleased with the detail and variety of poses.  I also have the Crimean War French Light Infantry and Zouaves, each of which contained 44 different poses (1 of each) which I found unusual.  Admittedly I have not been indulging in war gaming or miniature painting for some time but these figures will surely get me motivated once again.


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11 Responses to Strelets French Foreign Legion & Rif Figures

  1. Ralph Wagner says:

    Well done!


  2. VILLE Olivier says:

    Very nice!!! But I,m working on WW1 this year…There will be an escouade of légionnaires.


  3. Marvin says:

    Looking forward to the marching and early XXth sets very much, though heaven knows when I’ll finally get around to paint them – just the usual backlog of unpainted sets…

    I’ve painted a lot of Strelets figures over the years. The old style sculpting was chunky but full of imagination and the individual figures have bags of character about them. The new style is a little more straight – more true to life if you will – but whilst they look great I can’t help but miss the old vibrant style a little.


    • Jack Wagner says:

      The Strelets don’t look so great out of the box but they do paint up very well especially by someone such as yourself. Nice blog you have. I really liked the Salonika French.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Marvin says:

        Thanks! Those French are by Pegasus who make some very lovely figures indeed.

        I did paint some 28mm FFL figures a year or two ago. It was my first foray into 28mm scale so I was feeling my way a bit.

        I keep meaning to keep an eye on your blog more than I do. New Years resolution – check the WordPress Reader more.


      • Jack Wagner says:

        Very nice job on the Artizan figures. I have the same ones and they remain unsullied by primer or paint. Like my blogging as of late, my painting has been relegated to the bottom of my to-do-list. I’m not sure where the time goes. I’m sure it has something to do with the new hours at the job, and the way my wife seems to effortlessly “annexes” what free time remains. But, fear not, as there is always 2019’s New Year’s Resolution #3: “Blog more often” which is right behind “Lose 20lbs” and “Save more money”. Happy New Year and thanks for visiting.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Marvin says:

        Lose 20lbs and save at least “some” money is on my list… I have a wife with her own hobby (horses) so annexing time is at least less of a problem.

        Best of luck with the resolutions and very my best wishes for 2019!


  4. William says:

    I’d love to have miniatures for a FFL mounted company, but I don’t know if anyone makes 25mm/28mm plastic mule minis. Does anyone know if they are made at all? I’ve seen a few in metal, but combining plastic with metal minis would look very odd to my eye, at least.


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