Legion Pulp: The Blade of Justice

Here is a story from Theodore Roscoe that appeared in the September 1932 issue of Action Stories.  Roscoe is the author of a series of pulp stories featuring grizzled legionnaire Thibaut Corday who relates some hard to believe tales from his adventurous time in the Legion.  Twenty of these stories appeared in Argosy from 1929 to 1939.  This story is not a Corday story but it features some pretty dangerous type of characters–murderers actually, who boast about their crimes committed before they sought escape in the anonymity of the Legion.  In addition to some grim characters there is a furious assault on the desert fort by the local Bedouin tribes and a plot twist at the end that you may have to read through a couple of times to follow.  Not bad overall but I like the Thibaut Corday stories by Roscoe a bit better.

Blade of Justice

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