Legion Pulp: Legionnaires Must Fight

This month’s pulp story is from Adventure magazine published in September of 1933.  It is another Georges Surdez story featuring another one of his unusual characters–this time a young French Lieutenant who is posted on the edge of the desert where he can’t get into gambling or woman trouble.  He arrives at the post at Bir-Radir like a movie star to take command of his small detachment and quickly settles in to avoiding anything dangerous or threatening to his career.  He is perfectly content to play cards, ride his horse and let the senior NCO take care of the legionnaires.  In fact, Lt. De Monfort is not so much lazy as he is merely biding his time until his “inheritance” is assured which is contingent upon him staying an officer until age 30.  It’s part of his father’s way to ensure his wayward son grows up and gets serious with life.  Of course the legionnaires need some action and the restless tribesmen need to be punished for their raiding and stealing.  De Monfort eventually gets up off his behind to show his men what he is made of.

Legionnaires Must Fight

Note:  Sorry for the lack of posts over these past months.  I’ve been sorting out a lot of things on the home front since there are now only two of us living at home.  I’m soon to be quitting my job and joining the ranks of those who work at home (in my basement to be exact).  This involves moving lots of things (furniture, boxes, etc.), getting rid of old possessions, building shelves, rewiring, and some other odd home repairs.  It’s hard work building a man cave but very soon I will be back to the computer more often than ever before and I will get caught back up on Monlegionnaire.

…and thanks to the original scanner – sas.

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3 Responses to Legion Pulp: Legionnaires Must Fight

  1. Irene says:

    Jack, how are you? would you please do us the honor of sharing this onFacebook? Here’s the page….https://www.facebook.com/russianroulette.surdez/Please feel free to share anything pertaining to my uncle with the above?MANY MANY THANKS! Thank you,Irene


  2. eugene olivier says:

    Yes, I liked the story but……was that really the end on page 38 or was there more to come? it ends with a question mark and I felt there was something to come as to the final outcome.


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