Combat and Survival

Combat and Survival was a military, firearms and survival magazine that appeared in the late 1980’s from the United Kingdom.  You might recognize this older logo.  It was a slim publication but one that actually lasted 30 years or so only to be eliminated through various buy-outs and eventual liquidation in 2018.  The version that I’m familiar with is the 28 volume set published by Stuttman that was released in the United States through a  subscription. Back then, I was a sucker for things like this when I was in the Army and gladly shelled out God-only-knows how much good money for what I thought was a fantastic addition to my library.  I liked it at the time but like so many things it has tarnished with age and has become something that only takes up space.  In fact, I have tried selling the entire set during my annual garage sale.  I put dirt-cheap $10.00 on the whole box and people never even looked at them.  Luckily, and since the set didn’t sell, I remembered to scan all the articles that pertain to the Foreign Legion.  These appeared in volumes 1, 6, 14 and 17.  Here are the individual pages that cover action of modern Legionnaires in Chad, Mayotte, Djibouti, and Corsica.  A compiled .pdf can be downloaded here.

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3 Responses to Combat and Survival

  1. Joe says:

    I’d love to buy the set if you have it still
    I remember reading them when my uncle had them in the 90s when I was a kid
    Contact me if you want to talk details


  2. Uros Susa says:

    Au nom la Legion Etrangere


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