Legion Pulp: The Cure

This story by J. D. Newsom was published in Adventure Magazine on 01 January 1930,  appearing four years before Newsom’s other Foreign Legion story called “The Rest Cure” which appeared in the April 1934 issue.  They are two different stories but yet this is a similar “fish out of water” Newsom tale where the least likely specimen, in this case a self identified poet, finds himself in the roughest of military and social organizations.  Monte Fisher fancies himself a poet but a poet of the rough and tumble Robert Service type and has arrived in Paris determined to shock the local literary effete with his He-Man prose. I’m not sure if Newsom had in mind Allan Seeger or not or, more likley, if he was merely taking a shot at the highbrow class who, in this story, are very relieved to see the irritating Monte Fisher remove himself from their close circle and head off to the Legion.  Almost immediately Fisher runs afoul of the honestly rough legionnaires and the rif-raf they recruit and quickly is convinced that desertion is the next best option.  Of course, there are some life lessons in every Newsom story and the first one is: Never enlist into military servitude while you are still intoxicated…and of course there is nothing like combat to sort out any bad life decision.

The Cure

NOTE:  This issue has a great cover and I have a copy.  Somewhere.  For now, here is a place holder until I can scan and post a higher resolution image.  Thanks to Eric, the original scanner.  Also, is it just me or does this cover show a very close resemblance to Gary Cooper?

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2 Responses to Legion Pulp: The Cure

  1. eugene olivier says:

    Re your suspicion that the cover picture resembles Gary Cooper….. I don’t agree, Jack. You say this pulp was published in January 1930. Gary Cooper’s role as Beau Geste dates only from the 1939 film, although he was in “Morocco” as a legionnaire, released in 1930 with Marlene Dietrich.
    it must have been filmed in 1938 at least, (some months before that pulp story by Newsom.
    Anyway, I think the face is not long enough. G. C. had a longer jaw and a more pointed chin and if you’ll pardon the pun, I don’t see the point !


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