Legion Pulp: The Legionnaire

Here is an older tale of the Foreign Legion that appeared in the 10 May 1923 issue of Adventure.  The setting is the trenches of WWI and what occurs is a distraction from the regular carnage and slaughter of the front.  Here is a duel to the death between artists of the bayonet…the Legion’s champion vs. the Saxon’s bayonet instructor.

The Legionnaire

The author is Gerald B. Breitigam (1899-1964), an author of screenplay novelizations, some poetry and folksy stories for the slicks, comic-strip adaptations, and at least three stories for the pulps.  Breitigam was also the editor-in-chief of the United Press International Syndicate in 1929 and wrote many bylines for that organization.  He also wrote “The Radio Boys” series under the pseudonym of “Gerald Breckenridge.”  His most famous work was Morvich: An Autobiography of a Horse (1922).

This page has some good pictures of the Lebel rifle and the “Rosalie” bayonet.  According to accounts the Lebel’s rifle-bayonet combination at 6 feet long was lethal in the right hands.  This épée bayonet was optimized for thrusting, designed to readily penetrate thick clothing and leather.  The bayonet however tended to bend and extraction from the enemy often presented problems.



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  1. Frank Cavanaugh Tucson,az says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, thanks for what you have done over the years to keep your site up and running. I for one look everyday for new stories and general information about the legion.


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