Legion Pulp: The Last Salute

This story is from the 15 August 1930 issue of Adventure.  J. D. Newsom is the author of this tale of what happens when Legionnaires are bored, use official stationary for personal letters and get into a shouting match with madame cantinière.  I really liked this one as it was one of Newsom’s more humorous tales.  The protagonists are a sad couple of Legion veterans, an Englishman and New Yorker, who thoughtlessly get themselves out of a hot situation into something potentially much worse. 

The Last Salute


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Retired Army.
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  1. Irene says:

    hello, Jack… Hope all is well.

    One of Georges relatives, and, therefore, one of minesent me a few great pictures. this is the best one (see attached!) Best wishes for a great 2020,Irene


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