Legion Pulp: Blades of the Legion

This story by P. C. Wren, appeared in the October 1933 issue of Blue Book.  It is much like many of his other garrison tales you would find in one of his several short story collections.  The names are surely familiar.  We have McSnorrt and Spanish Maine, both lovers of a beautiful dancer known as Estella Margarita, and a mysterious murderer (her husband) who unfortunately escapes justice.  After reading this it struck me as a very familiar tale and I was sure that I read it elsewhere.  So I checked around and found that it is indeed a well traveled story originally titled McSnorrt’s Love Affair which first appeared in the UK magazine The Passing Show earlier the same year.  This is the first appearance of Spanish Main who would later be featured in the novel aptly named “Spanish Maine” (The Desert Heritage is the U.S. title).  It was also featured in Port O’Missing Men (1934) and again in Dead Men’s Boots (1949).

Blades of the Legion

Note: Thanks to “sas” for the scan and to John L. Espley for his four great volumes on P. C. Wren’s Collected Short Stories.

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1 Response to Legion Pulp: Blades of the Legion

  1. William says:

    Thanks for the new story. And a very fine scan to boot.


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