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Happy Camerone Day!

Happy Day to the Foreign Legionnaires. Bonne fête! Given the subdued way in which this great day is to be celebrated you might be interested in how it was done last year.  For your browsing pleasure here is the press … Continue reading

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Camerone Day -1

Well another year has passed and tomorrow, 30 April, Legionnaires past and present will celebrate the famous Bataille de Camerone which took place 157 years ago in Veracruz, Mexico.  It’s hard to imagine how this commemoration will be celebrated given … Continue reading

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Integration, Collective Identity, and Assimilation in the French Foreign Legion

Integration, Collective Identity, and Assimilation in the French Foreign Legion by Chef de Bataillion Thomas Philippe Riou Légion Étrangère, Armée de Terre I came across this article a couple of months ago while browsing the U.S. Marine Corps University site.  … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: The Ghost in the Bastion

  This Wu-Flu edition of Foreign Legion pulp comes to us by Adventure Magazine from 15 July 1930.  J. D. Newsom again crafts an enjoyable tale that takes place in French Tonkin (the northern portion of then French Indochina where … Continue reading

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Single Panel Comics

Over the years of running this blog I’ve acquired an assortment of single panel comics related to the Foreign Legion.  Now that I’ve scanned the hard copies here is the collection beginning with one of my favorites with probably one … Continue reading

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