Single Panel Comics

Over the years of running this blog I’ve acquired an assortment of single panel comics related to the Foreign Legion.  Now that I’ve scanned the hard copies here is the collection beginning with one of my favorites with probably one of the most obscure joke references ever.  It was published in 1932 in a U.K. newspaper known as The Sketch.  The reference refers to the large number of former Foreign Legionnaires attempting to market their experiences to a literary agent–so many that there is a waiting room full of them.  This was apparently quite true at the time as there actually were many news articles and books being written about certain experiences these men have had in the Legion.  There were also former Legionnaires on speaking tours and appearances before and after the showing times of the Beau Geste movie and related stage plays where the veterans entertained the audience with “true” and horrid tales of life in the “Legion of the Damned”.

This one is from the great Bill Mauldin who was famous for his WWII cartoons featuring GI’s Willie and Joe.  In 1961 the future of the Foreign Legion was being questioned after the infamous Algiers putsch.

The rest of these cartoons mostly play on the notion of forgetting the past or forgetting a girl or in the case of the Gary Larson panel forgetting the Alamo.  (Also included are some Cartoon Stock watermarked images which I suppose are hoovered up by them in the same way as Getty Images claims rights over photographs they have no actual rights to.)  I’m trying to collect some Foreign Legion jokes as well but those are harder to find….”Did you hear about the guy who rejoined the Foreign Legion for another five years? He needed to try and forget what he went through the first five years.”


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4 Responses to Single Panel Comics

  1. VILLE Olivier says:

    +++ Very funny and lessons of history!


  2. eugene olivier says:

    Jack, got a good laugh. we need that in these times. I recognized eight of those cartoons from my Legion scrap-book. Brought back memories.


    • Jack Wagner says:

      Thanks Eugene. Those were the ones that needed to be scanned and I may have missed a couple from your wonderful scrapbook but if I did I’ll post those randomly in the future. I hope all is well with you and in the Seattle area. I’m hoping to make the most of this “hunkering down” and put out some more content. Stay safe!


  3. William says:

    Brilliant, and in good timing. Don’t forget about CROCK!


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