Happy Camerone Day!

Happy Day to the Foreign Legionnaires.

Bonne fête!

Given the subdued way in which this great day is to be celebrated you might be interested in how it was done last year.  For your browsing pleasure here is the press release for Camerone 2019.  Along with this document is the 2019 review of the Foreign Legion which gives a great run down on the Legion’s organization, regiments, deployments and highlights the appropriate portions with organizational insignia badges.









Every year the Legion selects a veteran to carry the hand of Captain D’Anjou at the official ceremony at Aubagne as well as his escorts.  This year it was completed in a very different manner with substitutes but these are the men selected.  You can read about their backgrounds here.


Here is the event as it transpired today.  Please check out the Legion’s Facebook page for more pictures and information.


Finally, for those who like their history a bit more visual, here is a short graphic story that appeared in issue 7 of Savage Tales (October, 1986).  Thanks to Jeremiah for spotting this one.

Camerone_Savage Tales

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  1. VILLE Olivier says:

    Good evening,

    I will post you my own Legion’ squad for WW1 1/72 ème squirmish wargame tomorrow.




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