Legion Pulp: Legion Steel

Here is a short Foreign Legion story from the very first issue of Thrilling Adventures which appeared in December of 1931.  Legion Steel was written by Peter Forrest who is most likely an Englishman as most of his stories (not many) appeared in The Strand.  Like many of the stories that would appear in Thrilling Adventures this one begins with lots of bloody action.  Don Lewis is an American Legionnaire sent to establish a heliograph station in the High Atlas that is besieged by Berber tribesmen.  It’s up to him to save the day and his comrades in the Legion.

Legion Steel

NOTE: Sorry I’m late on this one.  I usually aim to post new pulp stories on the 15th of each month but Windows updates always plays havoc on my PC and I didn’t have the patience for it this weekend.  

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