The Legion is Our Homeland

This article came from an encyclopedia set called “The Elite”.  Each book of the 10 volume set was basically a bound collection of articles that originally appeared in the UK magazine called “The Elite: Against All Odds” (published by Orbis) which started it’s run in 1985.  The set that I found was a distressed public library cast-off with black and white covers along with a soft cover index.  I believe the UK version had camouflage covers.  The articles were first published in “The Elite” magazine from the late 1980’s and into the early 1990’s.  Each article covered what they considered an elite military force or a specific battle in which those units fought.  Also included for each article were informative side bars, uniform and insignia illustrations and plenty of photographs, graphs and maps.  The units covered in these articles were pretty diverse and included German forces from WW2, U. S. Marines, naval action, etc. but there did seem to me to have more articles about the UK units such as their Commandos, Paras, the SAS, Falklands, and Royal Marines.  There were several articles that dealt with the Foreign Legion so here is the first.  It doesn’t cover much new territory and is a bit dated but it is interesting to read nonetheless.  They author was Patrick Turnbull (1908-1986), a very prolific author who’s work appears in dozens of books as well as in several Osprey publications.

The Legion is Our Homeland

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