Grit Gregson: “Mahmoud the Evil” Strikes!

He’s back!  Good ol’Grit Gregson and his merry lot of Legionnaires gets mixed up in a local tribal dispute and foils the nefarious plans of “Mahmoud the Evil” to seize control of the Ben Hassan tribe.  It starts with a simple stroll down the streets of the desert town of Goulais and quickly turns into a camel race, an ambush with rocks and a flash flood.  Helping Grit save the day of course is Buck Baxter, the burly American, and Louis Morel, the “excitable” Frenchman (I know, the background on these two is scant and always the same).  This two pager appeared in the 30 January 1954 issue of the UK story paper Lion.

Grit Gregson Mahmud the Evils Stikes

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