Library Update

This update kind of derailed my posting schedule.  I got wrapped around some formatting issues for some of these books and became frustrated in trying to get the file sizes down.  But whatever…here is a list of some new books added to the Monlegionnaire Library.  Note: (if you don’t know about the library look at the banner for this blog and you will find a link to another page were I maintain a download list for English language Foreign Legion books).

Legion of the Damned by Bennett Doty (1926).  This is a classic Foreign Legion memoir written by an American who had previously served in the Spanish Foreign Legion.  It contains a great account of the Battle of Mussifire, Syria, that took place in 1925 as well as the author’s subsequent desertion with Englishman John Harvey.

Hungry Crawford by Walter Karig (1920).  Walter Karig, writer and WW2 naval officer, is said to have served in the Foreign Legion in WWI but there is scarce evidence of this in contemporary news articles and books written about the American Legionnaires at the time.  Nonetheless he wrote this book in 1929.  It appears to be for younger readers.  It is very rare and it was surprising to find it available at Hathi Trust.

Lost Sons by Stefan Olivier (1961).  A well done, hard to find novel that features mainly German Legionnaires in Algeria and Indochina.  Originally published in German.

The Key Man by Valentine Williams (1926).  This book contains very little content pertaining to the Foreign Legion which I find odd considering the sub-title, “A Romance of the Foreign Legion”.  I include it in the library to let others know and read it themselves.  It is a Valentine Williams book–an author known for his mysteries and thrillers.

The Last Deserter by John Robb (2011).  This is a reprint of a John Robb Foreign Legion adventure story originally published in 1952.  Robb wrote several Legion adventure stories such as Red Radford that appeared in the UK Commonwealth paperback markets.

Journey Without End by Francis A. Waterhouse (1940).  The author, a former Legionnaire, made a pretty good living writing both fiction and non-fiction works about his time in the Foreign Legion.  He recaps his life of adventure, including his Legion time, in this autobiographical book.

I also added P. C. Wren’s Flawed Blades, Port O’Missing Men, Stepsons of France and Stories of the Foreign Legion as well as some more reading options (.epub and .mobi formats) for his other works.

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  1. Irene says:

    Hello, Jack,Happy New Year!I was shocked to learn that Uncle Georges Surdezis in this book along with Mickey Spillane and Jacqueline Susanjust to name a few.How about that!BlessingsIrene


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