Legion Pulp: Salute

This is an odd story written by two unfamiliar authors.  Kingsley Moses was incredibly prolific in the pulps and some slick magazines, writing in just about any genre–sports, westerns, romance and adventure from 1913 to 1949.  Curtis Thomas is not so well known and has only three stories listed under his name at the Fiction Mags Index.  This Foreign Legion tale appeared in the 01 October 1934 issue of Adventure.  The protagonist, a disgruntled American Legionnaire, just back in town from months of combat out on the parched bled, has 500 francs burning a hole in his pocket, a blistering wound on the right side of his face, a smoldering lust for a local barmaid and a red hot hatred for his Lieutenant…and a newly acquired pig.  What could go wrong?


This fairly short story (barely 10 pages) was actually the headliner for the cover illustration of this issue…

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