100 Foreign Legion Books

Here is a quick post for today…something I’ve been messing with for a long time.  I thought it would be a good idea to gather the covers of the books about the Foreign Legion into one large type of info-graphic or “graphic bibliography”.  I finally got around to finding pictures of 100 books to complete what I found to be a challenging exercise in web searching.  The picture above depicts 100 non-fiction books about the Foreign Legion.  They are not in any particular order and most all of them (95/100) are in English with the others in French included because the pictures by themselves were valuable even to English-only readers.  Some are very hard to find, some are really old and others are available only as eBooks. Also included were three English translations of older books originally only available in French (using the 10×10 grid as a left-to-right reference these are books #50, #86, and #87.   Once I reached 100 I realized that I had several books that I didn’t include so I promptly started on another graphic for then next 100 as well as an ongoing project for 100 Foreign Legion fiction books.  Then there are the French books, and other languages.

In case WordPress doesn’t allow for the full resolution you can download the hi-resolution graphic here.

One of these eBooks with an interesting history is Legionnaire by Milorad Ulemek who is better known as “Legija” (Legion) when he was a Serb paramilitary leader during the war in the Balkans.  Ulemek was in the 2REP for six years before he deserted while home on leave in 1992 to stay and fight in the subsequent Yugoslavian conflicts.  Some years ago, after his conviction of various war crimes and political assassinations, Amazon (the digital book burning scold) removed his digital book for sale and was even so bold as to reach out and remove it from my Kindle for PC contents (telling me the book is unavailable when I try to open it) which is odd because I still have it in my Kindle library on Amazon.

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6 Responses to 100 Foreign Legion Books

  1. Stendhal says:

    Being of an age where I can no longer join the Foreign Legion & my eyesight deteriorating, I tend to print out pulp fiction to read it as intended: in commute. However, that eats through my printer cartridges. Could you advise on how to turn .pdf pulp paper into white or blank ? Thanks a lot.


    • Jack Wagner says:

      I also read the pulp stories after printing them out on my printer. Some of the pulps on this blog are scanned in color and it does drain your color toner/ink when printed. Most of these are the earlier ones posted but for the last couple of years I’ve tried to post them in simple black and white (except for the occasional color cover). If you can tell me which ones you want converted to black and white let me know and I’ll convert them and upload it to the post. You also might try printing in grayscale–this option is on Adobe Acrobat Reader’s print command pop-up just under the Properties button. This will still save some of your color ink.


  2. Sergei says:

    If im from Estonia im can become soldier in France Legion?


  3. Andrew Mitchell says:

    I feel privileged seeing two of my works among that fantastic montage of books. Thank you!


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