D-1 Camerone Day

Camerone Day has come on pretty fast.  I usually post a bunch of odds and ends throughout the week that Camerone Day occurs but since I’ve been slow and distracted I’ll try to get caught up with this post.

1. Histoire de la Legion Etrangere No. 1.  This comic (in French) is part of a three part series about the history of the Foreign Legion by Editions du Triomphe.  This company publishes some excellent graphic novels and comic-like books.  They have several series on historical battles, military unit and leader profiles and their histories.  Others in the series include Bir-Hakeim (1999-1945), Dien Bien Phu (1946-1962), and Kolwezi (1963-Present).  This book has a great part about Camerone.

La Legion 1831-1918_Camerone

2. Foreign Legion Origami.  These were a neat idea that showed up on the official Foreign Legion website last year.  I figure those with great finger dexterity and affinity for IKEA furniture instructions might find a challenge here.  The figures are Lego-Like and include a Legion engineer, an Caporal Chef and a Caporal.  I presume you should print out on card stock to make a more durable figure.




3. Colonel Rollet in WWI.  Last year I came across some very nice pictures of the Father of the Foreign Legion, Colonel Paul-Frédéric Rollet, taken during the First World War.  “Rollet accumulated 41 years of military service out of which 33 were in the Legion and also planned the 100th anniversary of the legion on Cameron day of 30 April 1931. Consequently, he was responsible for creating many of the Legion’s current traditions.”  I’ve never seen these before but I have seen the famous photograph from L’Illustration (the one above) and I’m pretty sure that these were from the same awards presentation on 7 July 1917 in Lhéry, France.   Found in the Albums Valois collection.

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7 Responses to D-1 Camerone Day

  1. Will Evanson says:

    Wow! These pictures are amazing. Thanks for sharing, mate.


  2. Eugene Winston Olivier says:

    Where were these stories when i was a teenager besotted with anything to do with the Legion? I am re-reading all the ones you have provided us with on Mon Legionnaire. Terrific.! Thank-you, Jack. They float across my mind like a movie. i can ‘see’ it all. Re Grit Gregson : there were also serials in a similar English comic TIGER. (Forgot the hero’s name. and Legionnaire Terry”s Desert Quest in the CHAMPION way back in the 1950’s. Any chance of you finding that one and re-kindling my memory?


    • Jack Wagner says:


      I have your Champion’s scanned as well as seven other issues that cover most of the Legionnaire Terry’s Desert Quest running roughly over the latter part of 1952. I’ll send you a digital scan of what I have. However, there are some missing chapters. Hopefully I’ll find someone else out there who can complete the series.


  3. andyinsdca says:

    Have you been to the Camerone ceremony at Aubagne? If you have, do you have any tips on attending?


    • Jack Wagner says:

      The Legion puts out information to the public on attending via their web site: https://www.camerone.legion-etrangere.com/

      This year and last it was a closed-to-the-public event because of the Chinese virus. Hopefully things change for 2022. They didn’t put out much info this year. Their Facebook is also good. Expect more in the way of maps, instructions for access, guest rules, etc., when they open up the ceremony again.


  4. Eugene Winston Olivier says:

    Jack, I have been to Aubagne, spent a day at the Museum, saw the parade-ground where the Camerone Day ceremony takes place with the monument which was dismantled and transported from Sidi Bel Abbes to Aubagne. i think i sent you a picture most-card of the monument. Sorry can’t help regarding tips. April 30th has come and gone Are you planning to attended next year? April 30th has come and gone.


    • andyinsdca says:

      Maybe next year, as a swing through Provence to see Arles, Orange and so on. Hit Aubagne (to see the Camerone ceremony, hopefully), down to Arles for a few days (Ceremony of the Herdsmen is May 1), see Roman ruins and Van Gogh sites, then off to Orange.


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