Legion Pulp: A Soldier of the Legion

This story, with a well used cliché of a title, comes from the pages of  December 1933 issue of Thrilling Adventures.  The author, Captain Kerry McRoberts, was a house pseudonym often used by the better known pulp master Norman A. Daniels.  The story is set in the desert and involves an American Legionnaire, Jimmy Harker, who learns the hard way not to directly disobey a Foreign Legion officer while the officer learns the true mettle and dedication of his legionnaires.

A Soldier of the Legion

Here is the cover of this issue….

NOTE:  Sorry about being an AWOL blogger.  May and June are always busy for me as I usually have a “honey-do” list that I’ve put off all winter that needs to get done.  I do have multiple articles I’m working on so keep checking here. 

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  1. Will Evanson says:

    We understand, mate. I have that very same list! Thanks for the update.


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