Legion Pulp: A Lamp-Post for the Viscount

Here is a short Georges Surdez story that appeared in the December 1938 issue of Adventure.  It’s another of his great character developments–this time of an elderly officer, an elite snob extraordinarie, Captain Alexandre de Barrois, a landed Viscount of an old family.  A former Colonel and regimental commander during the Great War he  could not abide serving in a peacetime Army ruled by copy-clerks and he resigned his commission.  He quickly become destitute and near bankruptcy and scandal when his money ran out faster than his taste for gambling, women, horses and luxuries.  Given one last chance to become a soldier again Barrois jumps at the chance to command a company of the Foreign Legion in Morocco.  However, this was between the wars, a time when our world was again turning and transforming and this time the old aristocracy and blue-bloods without the survival instinct to survive were compelled to fade away or were driven away from their historical roles in society.  For Captain Barrois there would be no escaping the trail of debt and bounced checks he left on his way to his destiny.

A Lamp-Post for the Viscount


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2 Responses to Legion Pulp: A Lamp-Post for the Viscount

  1. Charles Neilson says:

    Great in the spirit of the Legion past and present.


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