Legion Pulp: The Saxophone Salute

Here’s an unusual tale of how American Jazz defeated a maddened hoard of fanatical Berber tribesmen as they were about to overrun a besieged French outpost.  It’s not known whether they were enraged merely by the infidel’s music produced by an ad-hoc band of Legionnaires or directly from the effeminate caterwauling of the American vocalist.  In any case it’s not a bad story and for the first time it casts the portly Corsican officer as a decent character instead of the sadistic buffoon.   The Saxophone Salute appeared in the 1932 Christmas issue of Short Stories magazine.  The author, Leighton H. Blood was a veteran U.S. Army officer of WWI and frequent writer for the pulps as well as several “regular” magazines.

The Saxophone Salute

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