Legion Pulp: Madame Takes Over

The pulp fiction story for this month appeared in the August 1941 issue of Blue Book.  A lot was happening back then.  The Second World War was aflame in Europe and in a couple of short months the Japanese would bomb Pearl Harbor and America would join the fight.  Nonetheless, in the calm before the storm, Americans had a wonderful selection of escapist fiction to choose from and one of the best on the shelves was the profusely illustrated, long running, Blue Book.  You can see why here if you want to read the whole magazine.

Georges Surdez wrote this short piece about that rare bird known as the military spouse.  The dutiful, committed, resourceful, strong, and stoic military wife–I’ve seen a few in my time and can attest to the respect they command from the soldiers.  I also noted the restrictive “Rules of Engagement” that pops up in the plot is very similar to the initiative destroying, politically correct rules foisted on our fighting men during the latter years of the Global War on Terror.  One can even draw comparisons to the “Ferguson Effect” which occurs when strong, proactive policing is subjugated by ill-thought out policing restrictions.  Sorry to get political here but in either case the end results are more lives lost.  Its amazing how prescient the non-military Surdez was when writing on military topics.

Madame Takes Over

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