Legion Pulp: Thirst

Thirst is another Curialo & Withers yarn from J. D. Newsom.  It appeared in the 10 Feb 1929 issue of Short Stories.  For those unfamiliar with the duo, Legionnaire 2nd Class Curialo is the sometimes level headed American shirker while Withers is the endlessly complaining English Cockney.  Newsom wrote several pulp stories with these two in Short Stories and Adventure from 1926 to 1933.  The duo’s existence in the Legion is marked by an avoidance of work details, officers and non-coms, the endless pursuit of drink, food, and what other small comforts can be found near the trenches or in the deserts.  This tale involves a small farmhouse caught between the front lines where the innocent matron confuses the Legion for German spies.  Wine figures prominently in the story.


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Retired Army.
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