Legion Pulp: Loot at Kwang-Kum

This Foreign Legion tale from Bob Du Soe (Robert Coleman DuSoe) appeared in the February 1934 issue of Thrilling Adventures.  I find the work of Du Soe to be really straight forward with not much effort spent on extensive character development or plot background–always direct to the action.  This story, set in French Tonkin, is full of standard pulp elements such as a golden idol stashed away in a destroyed temple (the loot) with a precious map needed to find it again, a multiple murder mystery to solve and plenty of action leading to a final battle and revenge.  Standard fare, but I found it interesting that Du Soe gave the American Legionnaire a wooden hand…where have I heard about that before?

Loot at Kwang Kum

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3 Responses to Legion Pulp: Loot at Kwang-Kum

  1. Frank Thompson says:


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    Have some pretty cool Kickstarter premiums, too.

    Thanks a lot.



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