9th Day of Christmas: 9 Rouge Vert Newspapers

The following items consist of nine copies of the 11th Foreign Infantry Regiment’s internally produced newspaper “Rouge Vert“.  These were published from 01 Jan 1940 to 01 May 1940 consisting of issues #4 to #12.  This covers a portion of time known as the Phoney War (French: Drôle de guerre; German: Sitzkrieg).  The Phoney War period began with the declaration of war by the United Kingdom and France against Nazi Germany on 3 September 1939, after which little actual warfare occurred, and ended with the German invasion of France and the Low Countries on 10 May 1940.  As early as November 1939, the national press presented various newspapers from the front, indicating that it was necessary to “have fun to break the boredom”.  In the XIth Foreign Regiment, a bi-monthly magazine was published around November 15, as soon as the regiment was created.  These were found at this link.

The 11th Foreign Infantry Regiment (11REI) has an interesting history as one of two provisional Legion Regiments constituted in France to oppose a German invasion.  The other was the 12th Foreign Infantry Regiment (12REI).  Both regiments were composed of legionnaires coming from France’s North Africa, reservists having already served in the Legion and of foreign volunteers for the duration of the war (EVDG) and both were decimated during the Blitzkrieg.  The 11REI was created in November of 1939 and was disbanded in June 1940.  There is a remarkable web page that presents extensive research on Legionnaire Arsene Zigrand who was part of the 11REI.  It also has a long list of other members of unit and many photographs as well.

Rouge Vert [1940-05-01]

Rouge Vert [1940-04-15]

Rouge Vert [1940-04-01]

Rouge Vert [1940-03-15]

Rouge Vert [1940-03-01]

Rouge Vert [1940-02-15]

Rouge Vert [1940-02-01]

Rouge Vert [1940-01-15]

Rouge Vert [1940-01-01]

NOTE:  You might notice a new tab on the front page of this blog for the French Library / Bibliothèque française page.  Here is where I intend on uploading and sharing the multitude of French Language items that I’ve collected over the years.  I’ve not posted most of these because I’m pretty sure my readership is mostly English speaking but I think folks might enjoy looking at them nonetheless.   I’ll probably also digital content in other languages.

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4 Responses to 9th Day of Christmas: 9 Rouge Vert Newspapers

  1. Frank Thompson says:

    Jack, all these galleries you’re posting are terrific. Thanks very much for sharing all these wonderful items.


  2. Estelle says:

    Merci d’avoir mis un lien vers mon site. Le numéro 3 de la revue rouge vert est consultable ici:

    Je m’intéresse aux légionnaires du 11e REI, si vous en croisez, n’hésitez pas…


    • Jack Wagner says:

      Merci de votre réponse. Votre site est très instructif. J’ai noté que l’acteur américain Norman Kerry a peut-être rejoint la 11REI ou la 12REI. Il est également possible que Peter J. Ortiz (USMC) ait rejoint l’un de ces deux régiments en 1939.


      • Estelle says:

        Je n’ai pas croisé le nom de Kerry dans mes recherches. Par contre P. Ortiz a bien fait parti du 11e REI. Il était affecté à la compagnie hors rang dans la section motocycliste. Son nom est cité deux fois dans la revue du régiment notamment dans le numéro 4 du 01/01/1940


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