4th Day of Christmas: 4 Foreign Legion Forts

Here are some scale model Foreign Legion forts a la Zinderneuf.

Modular 3D Printed.  This one appeared on Facebook and it’s really well done but I’m can’t find the original post.  It appears in some large wargame tables so I’m thinking it is available as a 3D .Stl file somewhere.  If anyone can point me in the right direction I’ll be sure to provide attribution.

Colonial Steamboat Company.  These guys make really nice scratch build terrain including nice Afghan hill forts and, of course steamboats.  This is a representation of several Legion forts that I’ve seen from them.

Airfix Mod.  Not sure where this appeared–probably Facebook.  Nice job converting the old Airfix fort into something much better than the out-of-the-box configuration.

Small Scale.  This is a nicely painted model for smaller scale figures I’m guessing 10mm or 15mm.  Again, I probably found the pictures on Facebook.  It’s hard to tell if it was scratch built or from a model as there seems to be many add-ons to make the scene.

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2 Responses to 4th Day of Christmas: 4 Foreign Legion Forts

  1. Richard P Jeynes says:

    There is also a good set currently available form Esci (20mm scale). For those interested on Legion forts and outposts my book on the subject – Line in the Sand – is due publication by Helion later this month. Details on Helion Press website.


  2. richardpjeynes says:

    Esci make a very useful desert fort in 20mm scale as part of their Beau Geste Battle Set. Constructed from laser cut MDF it looks good and sets can be added to increase size. For those interested in Legion forts my book Line in the Sand is due publication by Helion Press later this month. The book is the culmination of research and archaeological field work carried out in Morocco over last few years.


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