3rd Day of Christmas: 3 Beau Peep

We are fast counting down to the end of the holidays.  My tree is still up until this weekend and the outside Christmas lights will still be lit but will come down after the tree–I’m not like the neighbors who leave them on until April.  Today we have three Beau Peep books for mirth and merriment.  Beau Peep was a popular British comic written by Roger Kettle and illustrated by Andrew Christine. The strip features the misadventures of the eponymous lead character, Beau Peep, an inept and cowardly British man who joins the tough and hardy French Foreign Legion in the deserts of North Africa to escape his terrifying wife Doris back home. There are also numerous surreal supporting characters.

Beau-Peep No. 1

Beau-Peep No. 2

Beau-Peep No. 3

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1 Response to 3rd Day of Christmas: 3 Beau Peep

  1. Brilliant! I just love Beau Peep! 🙂 Best name for a camel ever!


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