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I hope everyone had a great New Year’s celebration and are well recovered from your hangovers (gueule de bois).  This post began when I noticed several recent pictures on Gallica depicting a certain Captain Genty tooling around Morocco in what … Continue reading

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Legion Forts: Bou Denib Blockhouse and Bordj Tazzouguert

The following pictures are provided courtesy of Richard from Trailquest Adventure Motorcycle Centre and come from their Adventures in Archeology Legion Project.  He was kind enough to share some hi-res photos his team took while on their last expedition conducting … Continue reading

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Action at Bou Denib: Part 3

After soundly defeating the last pan-tribal harka on the Djorf plains northwest Bou Denib the French quickly set about to the task of establishing their colonial dominance over the region.  In their typical fashion they laid out a small European … Continue reading

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Action at Bou Denib: Part 2

Once the French occupied Bou Denib in May of 1908 they quickly set about fortifying their new foothold in Morocco by building a walled redoubt surrounding their camp just north of the Guir River (about a mile N/W of the … Continue reading

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Action at Bou Denib: Part 1

I finally was able to pull together a good run-down on the combat that occurred around the upper Guir River (the Haut Guir) in 1908.  This fighting involved the Foreign Legion to a great extent but it was not the … Continue reading

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Quartier Vienot

Happy 4th of July! Sorry if I’ve been kind of slow in posting to this blog.  The main culprit was my failing computer–blue screens of death, frozen screens followed by a hard crash.  I think the problem is my video … Continue reading

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Another resource for history buffs and miniature war gamers is the website Gallica.  Gallica is the digital archives of the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) or the National Library of France. It features French, Portuguese and Spanish versions.  Searching the … Continue reading

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