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Legion Pulp: The King’s Pipe

A little known campaign of the Foreign Legion occurred in 1892 when a mixed 800 man Battalion was sent to fight in the west African country of Dahomey ( present-day Benin).  King Behanzin was leading his forces against the French … Continue reading

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Foreign Legion Coloring Pages

I’m sure everyone has seen those adult coloring books at your department store checkout lanes or book kiosks.  I’m not talking about “adult” type of books with boobs but those coloring books designed for adults (or older children) to work … Continue reading

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Camerone 2022!

Today is the 159th anniversary of the famous Battle of Camarón (Bataille de Camerone) that took place this day in Mexico.  It’s the most revered and celebrated commemoration in the Foreign Legion.  For the first time in two years since … Continue reading

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Légion Étrangère Souvenir – 4th B.F.C. 1RE Tong-Tonkin

Here is a wonderful find discovered a couple months ago, although it has been out there for a while.  The item is a digital copy of a photo album produced for the 1931 Colonial Exposition-Paris.  It portrays legionnaires from the … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: Thirst

Thirst is another Curialo & Withers yarn from J. D. Newsom.  It appeared in the 10 Feb 1929 issue of Short Stories.  For those unfamiliar with the duo, Legionnaire 2nd Class Curialo is the sometimes level headed American shirker while … Continue reading

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D-1 Camerone Day

Camerone Day has come on pretty fast.  I usually post a bunch of odds and ends throughout the week that Camerone Day occurs but since I’ve been slow and distracted I’ll try to get caught up with this post. 1. … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: Fools for Glory

Here is this month’s Pulp Fiction story straight from the pages of the 1935 April Fools Day issue of Adventure.  It’s a long one by Georges Surdez with lots of well developed characters, plenty of action in the hills of … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas – Joyeux Noël – Fröhliche Weihnachten

Wishing all readers and followers of this blog a very wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Please remember to keep in our prayers those brave men from all over the world who are away from their families and loved … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: They March From Yesterday (Part 2)

As promised, here is the second part of this Georges Surdez story which was published in the March 15th edition of Adventure.  I promised to post this in less time than the original readers in 1930 had to wait for … Continue reading

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Hodgepodge for August 2016

Another month of summer gone.  Before we know it there will be frost on the roofs, piles of leaves in the street, pumpkins on the porches and a delightful chill in the air.  Here are this month’s collected tidbits of … Continue reading

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