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Wargames Illustrated Foreign Legion Articles

I’ve been a big fan of Wargames Illustrated since it started appearing in my Barnes and Noble bookstore several years ago.  Hard copy is pretty pricey so I only bought the magazine when it had interesting articles on terrain building … Continue reading

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Yaquinto’s “The French Foreign Legion”

I’m starting 2017 off a bit differently–skipping the usual monthly wrap-up (Hodgepodge) for last month and finally doing a post on this long forgotten and hard-to-find war game.  Yaquinto Publications was a short lived (1979-1983) but prolific war game manufacturer … Continue reading

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Hodgepodge for December 2015

Happy New Year to everyone.  I’ve sufficiently recovered from last night’s overindulgence  to be able to put together this short post to start off the new year. 1. The Man and the Legend.  This article is a well done piece … Continue reading

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Hodgepodge for December 2013

My last post of the year.  Here are some of the items I came across this month related to the Foreign Legion. 1.  Foreign Legion Uniform Plates at “Miniaturas Militares por Alfons Canovas”.  This website is a gold mine for … Continue reading

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Foreign Legion Tabletop Board Games

Back in the 1970’s and 80’s I often played several of the “Avalon Hill” type war games–the kind that had a colorful map with a hexagonal grid and cardboard counters to depict units, troops and equipment and some dice.  Some … Continue reading

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