This (test) page will have direct downloads of various e-books related to the French Foreign Legion.  Many of these have not been reviewed or mention on this blog so please check back here often….


1.  A Soldier of the Legion by C. N. & A. M. Williamson.  A romance of Algiers, the Legion and the desert. 1914.  DOWNLOAD: .pdf, .mobi, .epub

2.  The Foreign Legion / The Red Mirage by I. A. R. Wylie.  The Foreign Legion is the movie title of the novel The Red Mirage.  Another romantic adventure set in England and North Africa. 1914.  DOWNLOAD: .pdf, .mobi, .epub.

3.  The Truants by A. E. W. Mason.  A romantic novel about an Englishman who sets off to clear his name in the Legion. 1904.  DOWNLOAD: .pdf, .mobi, .epub.

4.  In the Wake of the Green Banner by Eugene Paul Metour.  Romantic adventure in North Africa with the Foreign Legion as a minor presence in the plot.  1909. DOWNLOAD: .pdf, .mobi, .epub.

5.  Garrison Tales of Tonquin by James O Neill.  Short story collection based on the American author’s service in the Legion circa 1887-92.  1895.  DOWNLOAD: .pdf, .mobi, .epub.

6.  Atlantida by Pierre Benoit.  A fantastical story of two French Spahi officers who are kidnapped by the ancient and malevolent Queen Antinea who seeks to add the men to her “collection”.  No Foreign Legion but a different type of adventure set in the Sahara.  1919. DOWNLOAD: .pdf, .mobi, .epub.


1.  In the Foreign Legion by Erwin Rosen.  Despite the author’s desertion from the Legion after 11 months he managed to pen a classic account of life in the Foreign Legion circa 1905.  1911. DOWNLOAD: .pdf, .mobi, .epub.

2.  A Soldier of the Legion by George Mannington.  Excellent account of “an Englishman’s adventures under the French flag in Algeria and Tonquin” circa 1890-95.  1907 DOWNLOAD: .pdf, .mobi, .epub.

3.  Life in the Legion by Frederic Martyn.  Englishman’s memoir of life in the Foreign Legion from 1889 to 1894 with long account of service in Tonkin.  1911. DOWNLOAD: .pdf, .mobi, .epub.

4.  Yankee Fighter by Lt. John F. Hasey.  Memoir of an American who served in the Foreign Legion during WWII.  1942.  DOWNLOAD: .pdf, .mobi, .epub.

5.  Memoirs of the Foreign Legion by Maurice Magnus.  American author joined the Foreign Legion in Algeria to fight in France during WWI but poor conditions prompts him to desert.  1925.  DOWNLOAD: .pdf, .mobi, .epub.

6.  A Royal Adventurer in the Foreign Legion by H. H. Prince Aage of Denmark.  Classic memoir written by a Foreign Legion legend mainly about fighting the Rif in Morocco.  1927.  DOWNLOAD: .pdf, .mobi, .epub.

7.  “L. M. 8046” by David Wooster King.  Alternate title Ten Thousand Shall Fall.  An American in the Foreign Legion in 1917 on the Western Front.  1927.  DOWNLOAD: .pdf, .mobi, .epub.

8.  A Modern Legionary by John Patrick Le Poer.  Irishman’s tale of his time in the Legion and his epic desertion from same.  1904. DOWNLOAD: .pdf, .mobi, .epub.

DOWNLOAD: .pdf, .mobi, .epub.


3 Responses to Library

  1. PAUL LEMIEUX says:

    Just finished “A Soldier of the Legion”, loved it, though I did have to skim a bit, “The Truants” I couldn’t get through. Thanks for putting these together, as I’ve always been enamored of the Legion.


  2. frank says:

    I just finished “the truants”, it was a long, slow, boring read. I enjoyed the parts concerning the Legion but the rest was just filler. I amazed myself by just finishing it. I should have found something else to do. Now I’ll go read some excellent pulps about the Legion that Argosy put out and Jack is good enough to reprint them. Frank, tucson az.


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