NOTE:  If you are interested in purchasing any of the items on this page please contact me by email ( with what you are interested in.  I will calculate the best postage and let you know what that is before completing the sale.  I only use PayPal.

1.  Kepi Blanc Magazines.  The first items for sale on this page are 32 extra copies of Kepi Blanc Magazine from my collection.   Kepi Blanc is normally 72 pages long.  It’s “color pages paint a clear picture of the life of the Foreign Legion. Whose sole purpose is to create links between the active legionaries, alumni, fans, supporters and history buffs.”  All are used but remain intact with only some moderate wear to the covers.  I have the following issues available (including some doubles)…

$5.00 for each magazine plus postage and handling. 

403    June         1981
407    November    1981
408    December    1981
426    July        1983
427    September    1983
431    January        1984
432    February    1984
438    August        1984
443    January        1985
445    March        1985
445    March        1985
462    October        1986
499    March        1990
500    April        1990
501    May        1990
502    June         1990
506    November    1990
510    March        1991
512    May        1991
513    June         1991
513    June         1991
514    July        1991
516    October        1991
517    November    1991
584    December    1997
599    April        1999
603    August-September 1999
604    October        1999
639    December    2002
645    June         2003
694    December    2007
695    January        2008

2.  Monsieur Legionnaire. This 1994 hard back book by General (c.r.) Jean Hallo is 350 pages, measures 8 1/2″ X 11 3/4″.  It is full to bursting with information on the Foreign Legion both modern and historic although the text is entirely in French.  It is in perfect condition with fine dust cover and clean covers and pages.

3.  The Bugle Sounds: Life in the Foreign Legion by Major Zinovi Pechkoff.  This is a nice copy of Pechkoff




4 Responses to Store

  1. Darlene Cape says:

    I was looking for info on a book I want to sell..Garde a Vous(on guard) by J.D. Newsom.


  2. Paul llewellyn says:

    I have many old FFL books to sell, most with DJ and quite a few Sampson Low’s which are very rare.


  3. jofigaro says:



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