Legion Pulp: A Family Council

The interesting thing about Pulp magazines is that there is only one color cover depicting just one of the many stories contained within.  You never really know fully what else to expect until you crack it open and check out the table of contents.  Pulp writers were most often penning shorter tales that would never get front cover treatment.  Publishers had to somehow fill in small gaps in their content, between the longer stories, and having a numbers of smaller items to flesh out the next issue was important.  Such is the case with this short 6-page tale written by Georges Surdez.  It’s simply an interesting discussion between a Major and a Sergeant of the Foreign Legion.  It has a common plot device found in many fictional tales of the Legion: “the commanding officer’s pretty daughter”.   …and when Surdez writes about the Foreign Legion you can be sure that the story will touch on issues of honor and “fidelity”.  The story appeared in Argosy, 18 March 1039.

A Family Council

Side Note:  I’m excited about the end of this month.  I’m going to the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention on the 27th, hopefully adding to my collection of pulps.  Also 30 April is Camerone Day.  I’ll be making several posts on this blog in celebration.

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