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French Foreign Legion Article in “Attack” Comic

                                                                                                                                                                                                              The two page article above comes from the comic book “Attack”.  It appeared in Vol. 1 ,#57, which was released in April of 1959.  It’s just two pages long and consists of mainly historical information about the Legion … Continue reading

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Armies in Plastic: French Foreign Legion Figures (1:32 / 54mm)

I finally bought a set of the Armies in Plastic Foreign Legion figures.  I’ve been meaning to start collecting these and give a shot at painting them up in their authentic color schemes.  The first thing I want to point … Continue reading

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A Soldier of the Legion: John F. Elkington

This short article comes from The Literary Digest of 06 January 1917 and concerns the military career of LTC John F. Elkington.  It is one classic (and true) example of the Foreign Legion’s magnetic pull that attracts individuals seeking some … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: A Captain of the Legion

This unique tale of historical fiction was written and illustrated by Armand Brigaud and appeared in Blue Book Magazine in August 1936.  Brigaud was born in France but raised near San Francisco and educated in England before his family returned … Continue reading

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Pictures of the Foreign Legion in WWI

A short post today to highlight a small collection of pictures I’ve assembled from various sources that feature the Foreign Legion in World War One.  The first four pictures come from an amazing website called Mémoire des hommes that provides … Continue reading

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Captain Gallant Comic #4

This is the last of the Captain Gallant comics that I have.  It came out in September 1956.  I’m not sure there was any published after issue #4.  This one features several fact pages on the Legion and several short … Continue reading

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