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Hodgepodge for July 2016

Well the month of July was pretty slow going for this blog–having skipped several weeks of posting for most of June as well.  I did find one article and several collections of photographs related to the Foreign Legion this month… … Continue reading

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High Adventure #148: Adventure Fiction by F. Van Wyck Mason

“It’s not often I find a newly published book that I like–but when I do they are about the French Foreign Legion.”  This book is doubly exciting because if features the classic Foreign Legion as found in classic pulp fiction.  … Continue reading

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Some Satire

— La France sera fière de vous, caporal…votre nom? — Chè nè gombrends bas. — France will be proud of you, corporal … your name? — I do not understand (with thick accent). The French have a long tradition of satire.  … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: Military Prisoner

The pulp fiction story for July is from the 29 September 1934 of Argosy.  It is written by the master of French Foreign Legion stories–Georges Surdez. It involves a tragic case of a man, cursed by drink, who winds up … Continue reading

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France’s Foreign Legion

Here is a short article found in the November 1931 issue of The U.S. Army Recruiting News (an obscure publication to say the least).  It was written by Captain R. Ernest Dupuy, of the U.S. Army Field Artillery, and is … Continue reading

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