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Legion Pulp: Recall to Arms

This post marks my 100th post to this blog.  So in celebration I will post one of my favorite pulp fiction stories of the Foreign Legion.  This story is twenty two pages long, written by Robert Carse and appeared in … Continue reading

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Books on North Africa 4: In Barbary; Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and the Sahara

Written by E. Alexander Powell.  This book is found in digital format at the Hathi Trust Digital Library.  Hathi Trust a user unfriendly site that does not allow you to download the entire book unless you go through some god-awful … Continue reading

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1:72 Foreign Legion Sets Box Art

Just a quick post today.  Below are scans (and a couple of pictures from the web) of the box art from various 1:72 scale French Foreign Legion sets. 1.  HäT French Foreign Legion.  The HäT set is a reissue of … Continue reading

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King Behanzin’s Brother in the Foreign Legion

Well, not quite as flamboyant as the Kaiser’s illegitimate son or a mysterious Russian prince, this article discusses the unusual presence of the brother of King Behanzin of Dahomey in the French Foreign Legion.  King Behanzin was the ruler of … Continue reading

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Legion Fort (War Game Inspiration)

I came across these pictures on Flickr some time ago (posted by a Mallory21015).  They have been out there for a while and if you are a big internet crawler you might have seen these already.  The set shows an … Continue reading

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Admin Notes

Just a couple of admin items today: I updated the post that I made about the Foreign Legion visit to the United States by adding another picture that I came across of the Legion detachment at the Chicago train station.  … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: Warriors in Exile

This short story, written by H. Bedford-Jones,  was picked up in Blue Book Magazine (July 1938).  Bedford-Jones was a prolific writer of adventure tales and was known as “King of the Pulps”.  The story is about the Foreign Legion in … Continue reading

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Garde à Vous! (On Guard) by J. D. Newsom

Garde à Vous is a short novel of 319 pages written by J. D. Newsom and published in 1928 by the A. L. Burt Company.  On the spine it says “They come hard-boiled in the Legion”.  I finished reading this … Continue reading

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Legion Forts: Beau Ideal

Beau Ideal, released in 1931, was to be a talkie finale to the 1926 movie Beau Geste and the 1928 Beau Sabreur (a lost film that starred Gary Cooper).  However this movie was a stinker (even for back in the … Continue reading

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French Fighters in Africa

The attached document was published in Harper’s Magazine in 1894.  It’s 11 pages long but provides very interesting descriptions of the main military components comprising the French Armée d’Afrique.  It mainly discusses the Algerian Tirailleurs (also known as Turcos), Chasseurs … Continue reading

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