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Books for 2023

Here are several books related to the Foreign Legion that I’ve noticed are available this year. 1. Line in the Sand: Foreign Legion Forts and Fortifications in Morocco 1900 – 1926 (From Musket to Maxim 1815-1914) by Richard P. Jeynes.  … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: Luck of the Legion

This is not the “Luck of the Legion” by Geoffrey Bond.  It’s a short story by Georges Surdez that appeared in the pulp magazine Adventure for January 1942.  Surdez took his writing to a different level during the war by … Continue reading

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1st Day of Christmas: 1 Kepi Blanc

It’s the end of the 12 Days of Christmas and my backwards countdown is done as I present one Kepi Blanc magazine.  I was originally going to scan my oldest (1962) issue from my collection, but those are the size … Continue reading

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2nd Day of Christmas: 2 Tales of Escape

For the 2nd Day of Christmas (or the 11th Day if you follow the Christmas carol) here are two tales of escape from the Foreign Legion.  They both appeared in the Wide World Magazine.  Though the same size as common … Continue reading

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3rd Day of Christmas: 3 Beau Peep

We are fast counting down to the end of the holidays.  My tree is still up until this weekend and the outside Christmas lights will still be lit but will come down after the tree–I’m not like the neighbors who … Continue reading

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4th Day of Christmas: 4 Foreign Legion Forts

Here are some scale model Foreign Legion forts a la Zinderneuf. Modular 3D Printed.  This one appeared on Facebook and it’s really well done but I’m can’t find the original post.  It appears in some large wargame tables so I’m … Continue reading

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5th Day of Christmas: 5 Foreign Legion Miniatures

Happy New Year everyone!  It was a bright and mild first day of 2023 in central Wisconsin–a great start to the next year.  Here are five galleries of miniatures, or “figurines” as some prefer, that I probably found on Planet … Continue reading

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