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Camerone 2021

Bonne fête legionnaires! From what I’ve read the official celebration at Aubagne is going to be another closed, COVID influenced event, similar to last year, with “social distancing” (a term I’ve come to loath) and more masks.  If you are … Continue reading

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Happy Camerone Day!

Happy Day to the Foreign Legionnaires. Bonne fête! Given the subdued way in which this great day is to be celebrated you might be interested in how it was done last year.  For your browsing pleasure here is the press … Continue reading

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Camerone Day -1

Well another year has passed and tomorrow, 30 April, Legionnaires past and present will celebrate the famous Bataille de Camerone which took place 157 years ago in Veracruz, Mexico.  It’s hard to imagine how this commemoration will be celebrated given … Continue reading

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Camerone 2019!

Bon fête! Today is the 156th anniversary of the famous Battle of Camarón (Bataille de Camerone) that took place this day in old Mexico. Ceremonies are held to commemorate this event wherever there are Foreign Legionnaires while the official event … Continue reading

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Joyeux Camerone 2018!

It’s that time of year again.  Tomorrow is 30 April–the most revered day in the history of the French Foreign Legion that commemorates that famous last-stand battle in 1863 that pitted 65 legionnaires against 3,000 Mexican cavalry and infantry.  The … Continue reading

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Joyeux Camerone 2017!

Happy Camerone Day!  1.  Videos.  Here are a couple of Camerone related videos with the first posted today from the 13th DBLE who recently returned to France last year after decades overseas (since it’s creation in 1940).  The second is … Continue reading

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Joyeux Camerone!

Camerone Day! Camerone Day is the sacred day of the French Foreign Legion.  It is celebrated by legionnaires wherever they may be in the world.  It commemorates the 1863 battle in Mexico when 63 men of the 3rd Company of … Continue reading

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Camerone 2015

“They were here less than sixty, opposed by an army.  Its mass crushed them.  Life, not honor, abandoned these French soldiers, April 30, 1863.” Well, Camerone Day again…bonne fête! Here are some related items presented in a hodgepodge manner. 1.  … Continue reading

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Camarón Day 2014!

Well 30 April has finally arrived.  Camarón Day, where 151 years ago the French Foreign Legion fought it’s most epic and eternally celebrated battle–La Bataille de Camerone. Since I usually post Foreign Legion related odds and ends (a hodgepodge) at the … Continue reading

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Uniforms of the Mexican Campaign

This post is a little bit late for Camerone Day but better late than never. I came across some very nice color uniform prints of French and Mexican military uniforms worn in the Mexican Campaign (or what is often called … Continue reading

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