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North African / Arab War Game Terrain Builds (from eBay)

Here is a post related to war gaming.  Over the years I’ve collected some pictures from various eBay listings for North African/Arab themed war game terrain.  Those posted today are mainly from two builders-sellers that make some really incredible builds–so … Continue reading

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Hodgepodge for January 2016

Sorry for the lack of posts this month.  I’ve been busy with work and other projects and I often get home in a vegetative state of mind, not wanting to do much of anything else but watch politics on TV … Continue reading

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Hodgepodge for October 2015

Here is a recapitulation of the odds and ends I found last month on the net related to the French Foreign Legion… 1. The Good Soldier.  This article appeared in the recent September Rolling Stone Magazine.  It is a pretty … Continue reading

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Hodgepodge for January 2015

hodgepodge (\ˈhäj-ˌpäj\): a mixture of different things; often a confused mixture of things that don’t go together.  Alteration of hotchpotch (a mutton stew with mixed vegetables) Well this months mixture does have a unifying theme–as always, the French Foreign Legion. … Continue reading

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Foreign Legion Themed Hobby Products

This month I came across some Foreign Legion / North African related products for miniatures and hobby gaming. 1.  Armies in Plastic: Fort Morocco French Foreign Legion Fort 1900.  This is something new from AIP and is one of several … Continue reading

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I’ve been a untimely blogger lately–sorry about that.  To make up for it here is a miscellaneous collection of Foreign Legion related items that I’ve come across lately. 1.  Zénaga, Maroc, 1904:  Over at Le Shakko they have an after … Continue reading

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Ksar El-Azeoudj, Sahara, 1903

A quick post today to direct your attention to a very fine tabletop war game posted at Club Le Shakko.  Link The setting is 1903 and the far southern reaches of the troubled kingdom of Morocco where it meets the … Continue reading

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Making a Berber Ksar (Askari Miniatures)

Just a quick post today on a neat article that appears on the Askari Miniatures web page on how to build a Berber Ksar.  I’m not sure how I missed this since I’ve been on their site dozens of times before.  … Continue reading

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Modelling Tips from Campaigns Magazine

Something different today.  No Foreign Legion. (gasp!)  Instead, I’ve assembled 15 pages from the old Campaigns Magazine feature called Modeler’s Notebook.  These were written by Bryan Fosten who has done loads of good stuff at Osprey as an illustrator for … Continue reading

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Desert Fort WIP Report #2

I’m still plugging away on what I have named Blockhaus 17.  I’ve actually got most of the interior building walls and roofs cut out and fitted–but not glued.  Before this happens I have to etch some adobe style brickwork into … Continue reading

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