North African / Arab War Game Terrain Builds (from eBay)

Here is a post related to war gaming.  Over the years I’ve collected some pictures from various eBay listings for North African/Arab themed war game terrain.  Those posted today are mainly from two builders-sellers that make some really incredible builds–so much eye candy here that I felt they needed to be featured on this blog as inspiration for the scratch building readers and war gamers who visit this blog.  The two eBay sellers are wargamechris and smallworldgames.  The first two items shown below are from smallworldgames and the others are from wargamechris (all of which have been sold).  The gallery pictures are just some teasers as I’ve loaded the rest of the pictures from the listings for each build in the .pdf files below.  They were built for 28mm miniatures and are truly works of art.

Adobe Ruin     Afghan House    African House    Arab House    Arabian Walled Town   Colonial African Block    Desert Fort with Oasis    Downtown Hotel    Fortified Village Middle Eastern House

NOTE:  I hope I didn’t step on anyone’s toes here as I shamelessly did not ask permission to use these pictures.  Please drop a comment if you are the owners and want me to remove them 9and I apologize in advance.)

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1 Response to North African / Arab War Game Terrain Builds (from eBay)

  1. Very nice. I get one of these yesterday (Italieri).


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