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Revolt in the Legion

The following chapters come from the book You Can’t Print That! The truth behind the news, 1918-1928. written by war correspondent George Seldes and published in 1929.  As mentioned previously on this blog Mr. Seldes played a key role in … Continue reading

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Sergeant Luck of the Legion: The Silver Scorpion

I came across the Luck of the Legion comic strip as I was nosing around some copies of the UK comic called Eagle that I recently saw on a usenet group.  Luck of the Legion was a recurring comic in … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: The Free Shall Live

This months pulp story is from Blue Book, September 1941, and again is written by Georges Surdez.  It’s not a Foreign Legion story but it does take place in North Africa during the early years of WWII and concerns the … Continue reading

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The Masters of No-Man’s Land

Here is a nice poem about the Foreign Legion that appeared in Trench Tales by Clarence Lumpkin Jordan.  Trench Tales was published in 1919 and has several poems that could be about fighter’s of the Legion–but I liked this one … Continue reading

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The Road to Tombouctou (or Timbuctoo)

In case you didn’t know–the French Foreign Legion is again engaged in military operations in the Saharan Desert–primarily in northern Mali.  On 11 January, the French, with some NATO allies playing a supporting role, launched several lighting quick military operations … Continue reading

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