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Action at Bou Denib: Part 1

I finally was able to pull together a good run-down on the combat that occurred around the upper Guir River (the Haut Guir) in 1908.  This fighting involved the Foreign Legion to a great extent but it was not the … Continue reading

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Action at Bou Denib and Le Petit Parisian Covers

I started looking into the French fort at Bou Denib, Morocco the other day and discovered that there is a lot of very interesting information available on the town, the Ksar, the garrison fort and a blockhouse on top of … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: All You Do Is Fight!

This month’s pulpy fiction is from Adventure Magazine (Volume 90, No. 5; 01 Jan 1935) and is written by J. D. Newsom.  It features a fairly common formula of a gangster fleeing to the Legion to avoid the police.  This … Continue reading

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Our Friends Beneath the Sands by Martin Windrow

Today I’m providing a short review of a book that I mention frequently on this blog.  Our Friends Beneath the Sands: The Foreign Legion in France’s Colonial Conquests 1870 – 1935 by Martin Windrow (Mar 1, 2011).  It will soon … Continue reading

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Captain Gallant Comic #3

Another installment in the Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion comic book series for today.  These can be found at the Internet Archive here: Link.  (There are more Tex Ritter and Buster Crabbe comics here so don’t pass up checking … Continue reading

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Foreign Legion Uniforms (Mexican Campaign)

I found another little treasure at Galica (the archives of the French National Library).  The document can be found here: Link.  This manuscript is captioned as “Mexican campaign and foreign regiments. Notes, letters and watercolors by C. Brecht / C. … Continue reading

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