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Legion Forts: Bou Denib Blockhouse and Bordj Tazzouguert

The following pictures are provided courtesy of Richard from Trailquest Adventure Motorcycle Centre and come from their Adventures in Archeology Legion Project.  He was kind enough to share some hi-res photos his team took while on their last expedition conducting … Continue reading

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L’Illustration Pictures

This is a quick follow up to the last post.  I extracted the pictures from the article and posted them separately below for those who are more visually oriented (like myself).  They are pretty good quality even as cut and … Continue reading

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L’Illustration 19 July 1913 (and 200th post)

This is my 200th post on this blog (and there was much rejoicing!!) and as such I’m happy to be able to post a really neat article about the Foreign Legion that appeared in the French magazine L’Illustration almost 100 … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: Chiquita of the Legion

Browsing around the web the other day, reading up about the old pulps, I came across the Pulp Magazine Project.  Here were several complete pulps available for download–mainly older ones that are in the public domain.  Surprisingly, this story, Chiquita … Continue reading

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At the height of its glory, the French Foreign Legion was made up of men widely regarded as the scum of the earth.  It was a mercenary army posted to colonies in Northern Africa and Southern Asia…but its soldiers swore … Continue reading

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Noteworthy Blog: Camerone Day

Camerone Day Blog Not sure how I missed this back in my Camerone posts of 30 April.  This blog displays one of the nicest and largest miniature recreations of the Battle of Camerone that I’ve seen and contains an extensive … Continue reading

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Over the Top with the Americans in the Foreign Legion

This article appeared in Volume III of “True Stories of the Great War”.  (I believe there is a total of six Volumes in this series and most of those can be read/downloaded from the Internet Archive.)  The narrator is Donald … Continue reading

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Display Bases for Miniatures from Plastic Tops

Something different today.  I recently experimented with making display bases for miniatures out of common plastic tops that usually get thrown away in the recycle bin.  I started by collecting up various plastic bottle and container tops over the course … Continue reading

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