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Camerone Day

Happy Camerone Day!  I’ve posted several items of interest related to Camerone Day. 1.  I’ve read that Georges Surdez, the prolific writer of Foreign Legion pulp fiction, was an honorary member of the Legion.  From the article below it is … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: Maximillian’s Men

A story by Robert Carse about the Legion in Mexico and the Battle of Camarón.  It’s about a survivor of the battle and his subsequent part in making history (and romance).  Saturday, 30 April, is Camarone Day. I’ve bought some … Continue reading

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Legion Fort: Beau Geste (1939)

Attached below is a collection of film stills and screen captures of Fort Zinderneuf as depicted in the 1939 version of Beau Geste.  This is probably one of the most definitive icons of the classic French Foreign Legion:  The lonely … Continue reading

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Location of Beau Geste Fort

Have you ever wondered if the fortress used for filming Beau Geste is still standing–out somewhere in the California desert?  Maybe not, but you still might enjoy reading a really interesting set of articles associated with the Fort Zinderneuf movie … Continue reading

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Legion Fort: Beau Geste (1926)

I’ve been holding back from posting on several subjects over the past months.  Saving the best stuff for later I guess.  Well no more.  This week, in honor of 30 April–Camarone Day,  I will post some of the more interesting … Continue reading

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Completed Adobe Buildings

I finished detailing the three single story dwellings I posted a couple of days ago.  I turned one of them into a small bar/cafe–a Legion hangout called Le Chat Noir (The Black Cat).  I did because I noticed the exposed … Continue reading

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Legion Fort: Chegga

This former French Saharan fort is located in extreme N/E Mauritania in an area known as Chegga.  Looking at the map it appears that Chegga was located at a gap in the Hank Plateau that allowed passage northwest toward Morocco.  … Continue reading

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Houses: W.I.P

Some works in progress photos below.  I made another Berber house–this time a two story but it’s not quite finished.  I’m also working on thee simple generic Arab style houses.  Here is a varied lot of pictures taken of these … Continue reading

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Snow in April

Snow.  It happens up here in Wisconsin a lot.  We have around 5 months of winter.  Today, 19 April, we got about 5 inches of slushy snow.  Tulips and other flowers were already up in my wife’s garden, the grass … Continue reading

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Legion Composition by Nationality (1900)

I stumbled across this picture on a website devoted to the Dutch contingent who served in the Foreign Legion (covering all of its history up until Algeria).  The website is extremely well researched and lists hundreds of former Dutch Legionnaires … Continue reading

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