French Business Signs

Something different today.  I found this book (Attributs au pochoir, modèles d”enseignes et inscriptions) on Galica last week and thought it might be useful for war game terrain or diorama builders.  It’s from around 1914 and shows 28 different generic (model) designs for French business signs.  You can download the .pdf book from the Galica page (click the Téléchargement icon on the left) or you can download this .rar file where I have saved the .pdf and the illustrations separately.  In this download I’ve rotated several of the images and bumped up the contrast.  You can then use MSPaint or Photoshop to crop off the edges of the image (see above) and create your own paper signs or decals that might spice up your wartime French commercial buildings from 1870 to 1945 or later.  From the butcher shop graphic above I made some smaller bits of signage and if you have good graphic skills you could probably make several more from this one sign or even try changing the colors. These can be resized as needed the same way you would for model railroad signage.  A good program to do this is PowerPoint.  Using some “old time” fonts you could also add a family or owner’s name to these signs as that is one thing missing on all of them.


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  1. Olivier VILLE says:

    Very useful for wargaming tabletop.


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