Sergeant Luck of the Legion: The Fortress of Fear


Sorry about the long waits between posts–I’ve been busy with some landscaping, gardening and assorted other projects I’ve put off for too long.  So to pass the time I’m filling in this week with a short comic that again features Sergeant Luck of the Legion.  This time it is The Fortress of Fear, a short adventure where Luck and his fellow legionnaires outwit two Bedouin tribes who besiege their column inside an abandoned Foreign Legion fortress.   This one was found in the UK comic Eagle Annual #10 from 1961.

Luck of the Legion_The Fort of Fear

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Retired Army.
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1 Response to Sergeant Luck of the Legion: The Fortress of Fear

  1. timothy says:

    Hello Jack,
    I hope this note finds you well. I am writing to you as I’m presently researching a book and would like to contact you about the FFL. I couldn’t find an email on your web page but I can be contacted at the below email.
    I would look forward to hearing from you.


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