Legion Pulp: An Enemy of Society

This story is from Adventure Magazine published 01 February of 1929.  It is a great story about the evils of strong drink and the weaknesses of two American Legionnaires whose paths are entwined from the moment they met at Fort St. Jean in Marseilles.  Legionnaire Mason embraces the lusty, wine soaked life of the Legion while Haywood becomes a teetotaler determined to reform Mason’s bad habits.  J. D. Newsom does a good job in describing life at the Legion depot at Sidi-Bel-Abbes and (as is his style) has a couple hundred of the Legion killed in a chaotic battle at a desert oasis.

An Enemy of Society

Note:  If anyone wants to know where to find the entire magazine from where this story was pulled then check out the Pulp Magazine Archive.  You will find all sorts of vintage reading material here–lots of Science Fiction, “Weird Tales”, fanzines, and many copies of Adventure.  Thanks again to “sas”.

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